FULLY AWAKE…further is a re-envisioned documentary film based on FULLY AWAKE (2007) that takes our original feature film further. Much has changed in the decade since the film was researched and created: freshly available archival source material including photography, primary audio interviews with key figures at the school, and dynamic new interviews, along with new technologies, compel us to re-imagine the film.


We will have the opportunity to share our deeper study of Black Mountain College with a wider audience. Our educational distributor, Documentary Educational Resources is fiscal sponsor for your tax-deductible donation.


  1. Acquire new source photos and interviews
  2. Create compelling motion graphics
  3. Re-edit film
  4. Add a fresh, evocative score
  5. Professional audio and color correction
  6. Digitize over 100 hours of complete interviews from both projects for permanent public use at the NC State Archive

We hope you will become a part of funding FULLY AWAKE…further, and help us re-envision a film worthy of Black Mountain College and its legacy.

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